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Earn Money with Grub Boxx

Our referral program rewards you for inviting your friends and loved ones to the #GrubBoxxFam! Have your friend order with your coupon code below and they’ll receive $10 off their first order. As a thank you, we’ll give you $10 once your friend completes their first order!

Your Coupon Code
If you don’t see your a code above, make sure you’re logged in and have signed up to be an affiliate. Once logged in, return to this page to see your code.

If you’d like to learn more about our affiliate program, check out our Affiliate Guide.

As much as you want! We currently do not place any caps or limits on the amount of money you can earn from referrals.

Referral program diagram outlining all the ways to make (or not make) money.

While it might not seem like much, there is a big difference between coupon codes and referral URLs.

When you share your coupon code with others, they will have to enter your code coupon code at checkout for both you and them to receive credit. When you use a referral URL and your referee clicks it, only you receive credit for up-to 14 days (after their click). That means that even if they don’t order until 2 days after clicking your link, you’ll still receive credit.

There are pros and cons with each method. For example, using a coupon code requires your referee to not only remember your referral code, but also remember to actually use it at checkout. We recommend coupon code usage for Instagram posts since Instagram does not currently support clickable URLs in post descriptions. However, you could use your referral URL in your Instagram profile biography since clickable links do work there. 

Important to note: If they click a link on their phone and then place an order on their computer without again clicking your link on the computer, neither of you receives credit because they used a separate device that has not yet been associated with your link.

Because our system uses cookies to store the information necessary to associate you with the referral, it is susceptible to being blocked (and neither you or referee receiving credit) by a referee using Ad-Blockers and other cookie-blocking tools. Unfortunately, these are measures outside our control.

Ultimately, it is up to you understanding your audience and using which method you think fits best.

Your credit is applied when your friend’s order is completed, not at the time of purchase. There may be a slight delay from when your friend picks up or receives a delivery. Orders are typically completed every Monday.
  1. Olivia refers Emma.
  2. Emma places her order on Thursday and receives $10 off.
  3. Emma picks up her Grub on Sunday.
  4. On Monday, Emma’s order is marked complete.
  5. Olivia’s receives $10 in referral credit.

Store credit accumulates for each of your approved referrals and is available at checkout.

screenshot image of Option to apply accumulated store credit at Checkout