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Give the Gift of Grub Boxx

Our referral program rewards you for inviting your friends and loved ones to the #GrubBoxxFam! Use one of the options below to give them 10% off their first order. As a thank you, we’ll give you 10% once your friend completes their first order! 

Your referral code is: If you don’t see a code here, make sure you’re logged in. 

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You must have an account to refer a friend.

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You don’t have to! As long as you are a Grub Boxx customer, you can use the tools above right now! If you don’t currently have a Grub Boxx account or have never ordered, please sign up to start referring friends.

Your referral code is:  If you don’t see anything here, make sure you’re logged in. You can also use one of the share options above to see your code.

Log in to your account and click Referrals in the menu on the left.

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Store credit accumulates for each of your approved referrals and all of your store credit will be automatically applied on your next order.

The credit amount is labeled Referral Credit and is shown in your cart and checkout totals. 

Unfortunately, we cannot customize codes at this time. We’re hoping to release this feature in 2021.

Your credit is applied when your friend’s order is completed, not at the time of purchase.
There may be a slight delay from when your friend picks up or receives a delivery. Orders are typically completed every Monday.


  1. Olivia refers Emma.
  2. Emma places her order on Thursday and receives 10% off.
  3. Emma picks up her Grub on Sunday.
  4. On Monday, Emma’s order is marked complete.
  5. Olivia receives 10% to be used on her next order.

Referrals are not valid for surplus orders and neither you or your friend will receive a discount. 

Nope! We rooting for you to refer enough people so all your meals are free! 

As much as we’d love to shower you with discounts, referrals are only valid for new customers who have not ordered from Grub Boxx.