Sacramento Meal Prep Delivery
Done Right.

Experience the convenience of healthy, delicious meal prep that is never frozen and delivered to your porch within 24 hours from when it was first made. 

Sacramento Meal Prep Done Right.

Experience the convenience of healthy, delicious meal prep that is never frozen and delivered to your porch within 24 hours from when it was first made.

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Experience the Freedom of Meal Prep Delivery Without Subscriptions

No fine print, no pauses - simply order delicious, nutritious meals whenever you want with Grub Boxx. Start by picking at least 10 meals now!

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Your Neighborly Sacramento Meal Prep Delivery Service

We were founded right in your backyard, delivering fresh, nutritious meals right to your doorstep every Sunday morning. Local pick-up options available for a true Sacramento-based experience!

Fresh & Exciting Meals Every Single Week

Discover exciting new cuisines & flavors with Grub Boxx's weekly gourmet menus, crafted by chefs and all under 500 calories.

Grub Boxx vs. The "Competition"

You deserve better than a glorified TV dinner. Our chef & cardiologist-designed menus offer superior taste without sacrificing quality. All meals consist of fresh, hand-picked ingredients and creative flavors – all while staying under 500 calories.
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Grub Boxx Chicken, Beans, and Asparagus
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Order today & we'll deliver your first meals free.

Carne Asada Fakitas with rice, salsa and 2 tortillas

Healthy Eating Without the Cardboard Taste

We respect your taste buds by balancing exceptional taste with realistic macros, all designed to help you smash your lifestyle goals.

Surf and turf steak, asparagus, rice and shrimp

Great Flavor Starts With Great Ingredients

The secret to our consistency comes from partnering with local vendors to hand-pick only the highest quality ingredients.

Variety to Keep You
on Track

Leftovers for three straight days makes healthy eating a chore. Instead, we release a new eight meal menu every single week.

We're your new favorite healthy habit.



I have been extremely happy with the service and consistency.

“ I started using Grub Boxx meals for my family a year ago for dinners during the week & lunches for my husband and six year old. The meals have been a hit with my picky-eater husband. And it keeps me out of the kitchen for hours a week! ”


Elk Grove

I've lost 50 pounds in 4 months, just by replacing my large portioned, high-fat meals with Grub Boxx!

“ I feel great, and tell all my friends when they ask! ”



Delicious with plenty of variety.

“ My husband and I have had a very great experience with Grub Boxx. Not only did we shred some pounds, but we also learned better eating habits & portion control. It keeps things new & exciting each week with a new menu. And the customer service is the best around. ”



Grub Boxx is by far the BEST meal prep company in the Sacramento area!

“ All the products are fresh & Grub Boxx takes great care in selecting quality ingredients. And so convenient! ”



The meals are consistently awesome, healthy, and good for your body.

“ Grub Boxx makes it very easy to eat healthy and economically and hands down beats other meal delivery services. If you like larger portions or the ability to integrate pre-cooked food with your own cooking, try the surplus option, which is also awesome. ”

Order today & we'll deliver your first meals free.