A Health Partnership to Smash Your Goals.

Esthetics Center El Dorado Hills has partnered with Grub Boxx, a local meal prep delivery service, to offer our members healthy, affordable, and great tasting meals that are guaranteed to help you along your fitness journey.

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What makes it great

Healthy Eating Without the Cardboard Taste

Under 500 Calories

Meals that respect your taste buds by balancing exceptional taste with realistic macros, all to help smash your goals.

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Delivery or Pick-Up

Pick-up meals in East Sacramento or have them delivered to your porch, all within 24 hours from when they were cooked.

Great Ingredients

The secret to consistency comes from partnering with local vendors to hand-pick only the highest quality ingredients.

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No Subscriptions

There are no subscriptions, no "pausing" or any other hidden tricks. Simply order when you want and Grub Boxx does the rest.

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Constant Variety

A new eight meal menu every single week makes healthy eating exciting, rather than a burden.

Earn Free Meals

Earn free meals when you refer your friends and family, with no caps or limits on the amount you can earn.


Join Thousands Who Have Changed Their Eating Habits

Nothing better than waking up Sunday morning, to a text message that my Grub Boxx meals are on my porch! Breakfast ready and Sunday Football baby!


Personal Trainer

Thank you for everything you and your team does! Our family loves you, we do not know how we lived without Grub Boxx in our lives for so long!




Most frequently Asked Questions

  1. Choose a minimum of 10 meals from the menu below.
  2. Select whether you want to pick-up your meals from Grub Boxx headquarters in East Sacramento or have the meals delivered straight to your door on Sunday morning.
  3. Enjoy & repeat – Grub Boxx releases a new menu every Monday afternoon

All meals are delivered by Grub Boxx staff and are placed inside a zip-closed, thermal insulated canvas bag with ice packs directly on your porch. Orders are delivered Sundays between 6:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

Your first delivery is free, but includes a one-time thermal bag deposit fee of $15. All subsequent deliveries are $10 or $20, depending on your location.

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If you are unhappy with any of your meals or there are issues with your order, please let Grub Boxx know right away and they will gladly apply a meal credit toward a future order, or refund, depending on the issue. For more information, review the Grub Boxx Terms of Service.

To effectively deal with issues, you must contact [email protected] with any issues the same day your order is received or picked up.

Meals are sealed to maintain freshness for 4-6 days while refrigerated. It is always recommended to eat salads, seafood, and/or knife-cut produce meals first.

Meals usually taste best when removed from the container and reheated using a stove-top or convection oven.

You can also use the reheat feature on your microwave in 45-60 second increments, until the temperature reaches your preference.

A Message From The Chefs

Leave the meal container lid in place if you are microwaving, but open one side to allow venting.

Add sauces after reheating. Sauces are made from low-calorie ingredients and may slightly evaporate under high heat.

All meals arrive to you pre-cooked and only require warming. Long durations in the microwave may affect the texture and taste of your meals.

Feel free to send any questions to [email protected].